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Want to take a bite out of the Big Apple without leaving the area?


We know a guy!


The first stop is for a schmear of cream cheese on a legit boiled then baked bagel, then we go for a slice of pie ...

new york hop.png

NY State of Hop

3 hours  |  $350


Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!


See how great our State looks as you ride with us to select breweries, bottle shops, or taprooms where you can sample a range of locally and regionally brewed craft ...

hoppy hop.png

Hoppy Hop

3 hours  |  $325

Do you like your butt rubbed?


Then hop with us to some of our favorite local spots that smoke or grill Eastern and Western-style North Carolina BBQ along with other traditional American styles including brisket and ribs!

3 hours  |  $350

bbq hop.png


Life is short, eat dessert first!


Hop with us to some of our favorite local sweet spots that may include bakeries, ice cream shops, and chocolate factories. No golden ticket needed, but feel free to bring your own milk or spirits to sip between stops.

sweet treats hop.png

Sweet Treats Hop

3 hours  |  $300

Make birthdays more fun by letting us do the driving.


We pick up your party, turn on the lights, pump up the music, and chauffeur you around town.


From restaurant reservations ...

1 hour minimum  |  $175

birthday hop.png

Birthday Hop

Roll to the next show or game like VIP’s even if your crew has nosebleed seats. 1-way, Round Trip, and Private Charter options available.

All options include pickup at a single location (restaurant/bar, shopping center, host's house) and ...

concerts hop.png

Concert & Sports Hop

1 hour minimum |  Varies by Total Hours

Our chauffeured experiences showcase the best of our local scene, from must-visit venues to delectable dining spots and charming attractions.


Our trips, known as "Hops," include our climate-controlled mini bus and a friendly chauffeur. The duration of each Hop varies based on factors like pickup/drop-off locations, timing, and availability. Using 10 people (i.e. 5 couples) as an example, Hops only cost $17.50-$35 per person!


While our Hops typically do not include food or drinks, we provide a cooler onboard, allowing guests to bring their favorite beverages. Some of our partners may offer small samples to enhance your experience.


Looking for a fully catered Hop with food and drinks? We're happy to create a custom, all-inclusive package at competitive rates. Let us tailor the perfect outing for you!

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